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A Grade Micro Examples

Film A.S Homework due Tuesday 01/11/11

Hey all,

All the resources you need are on the email. Your essay title is:

How do Cinematography and Mise-en-Scene create meaning and generate response in the “(give the scene a narrative name like the getaway or the reconciliation” sequence from the film “name film”

1000-1500 words long. MUST BE TYPED AND DOUBLE -SPACED!!!

Remember, this is a first draft, so do your best and we will improve it together.



Read the notes attached and, combined with your notes from the Breathless screening, respond to the following Essay question in 800 words minimum, using examples form the film.

‘In what ways does the film Breathless reflect a ‘New Wave’ approach to film-making?’


Film A.S Homework Due 04/10/11

Hey All,

Read the attached reviews (25th Hour for all, Titanic for the girls, Rocky for the boys) and write the following essay (typed and double-spaced) in 6-800 words).

‘Compare and contrast your two narrative case-studies and evaluate whether there is any advantage to adopting a non-linear approach to storytelling. Use examples by referring to scenes in your answer. ‘



The boat that rocked production notes

This is England Production Notes


Hey all,

  • Set up a blog at
  • Cutomise design and layout
  • Assign a url that is collingham followed by youer name or initial. eg: collinghamsandra
  • First Post: Identify yourself and write a litlle about yourselves
  • Second Post: Identify Brief : ‘the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes.’ and discuss your initial impressiosn about what this might mean and what it might entail.
  • Third Post: Summarise Semiotics and illustrate with some examples, preferably images. The worksheet we went through is here. If you’re struggling to understand, this is a very good presentation that may help and this video sums things up nicely. You can find some examples here, here and here but try find some of your own if you can.



Semiotics Video


Semiotics Presentation

Film A.S Homework due 26/09/11

Hey all,

Read through the two narrative presentations and apply all the possible criteria to two films of your choice. This can be done in note form but must be typed. Conclude your analysis of each film with a brief paragraph describing why the narratives were constructed in the ways that they were. Did they enhance any emotions for the spectator for example. Presentations are here and here.

The criteria are:

Story and Plot


Propps’ character types

Character Traits

Binary oppositions


Time: order, frequency, duration

Space: story. plot, screen

Narration: range, depth, narration