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Fight Club Past Paper Questions

May 27, 2011

Explore some of the ways in which placing your chosen film within a broader critical
framework has helped to develop your appreciation and understanding of specific sequences.

How far has critical debate about your chosen film shaped and altered your response?

Discuss critically some of the characteristics of Fight Club that have given it cult status as a
How useful has a particular critical approach been in gaining a deeper understanding and
appreciation of your chosen film?
Explain how your understanding of your chosen film has been influenced by critical debates?
‘Marla is at the root of it,’ says Jack in Fight Club. Discuss what this statement reveals about
What does your chosen film reveal about the usefulness of one or more critical approaches
you have applied?
Consider debates that have arisen in the critical reception of your chosen film, either at the
time of its initial release or now or both.
‘Despite the gesture of destroying symbols of corporate power at the end, Fight Club is a film
about power and control, not liberation.’ How far do you agree?

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